Where terroir meets stoneware

Do you know the solemn attention when a homebarista offers you coffee? He is an artist and a connoisseur and storyteller, for he will perform an art for you and you sense that his knowledge is deep and he might be sharing some exotic background intelligence on the beans he uses and the brewing he choses. 

Then, regardless whether at home or behind the coffee counter, being a true barista and looking at specialty coffee in its entirety you cannot ignore the serving ware. When caring about terroirs, individual roasting and alternative brewing techniques, the art of coffee does not end at the rim of the cup. At hartmud studio we know that true dedication is the key to perfection, and when it comes to prepare the best coffee in town, you will always want to rely on thoroughly designed and meticulously handcrafted equipment. 

Our mission is to free the home barista craft coffee culture and tableware spaces from cheap mass production and promote deep relationships with a few selected, handcrafted design icons that cut the edge and nurture the soul.

For those aficionados who regard coffee as a religion, Hartmud might just be providing the grail for celebrating the true spirit of specialty coffee.