What it means to be a microbrand

Some of you might know the term microbrand from other products you love, i.e. mechanical watches or racing bikes, and as manufacturer of stoneware coffee cups we are certainly a rare feat.
While most people in the street will frown if you talked about your passion for a certain mechanical watch complication or some unique feature of your racing bike, for people who are deep in the rabbit hole of their respective passion there is nothing more adventurous than the brands they use to nurture their love. Hartmud has become a must for the true coffee aficionado and is cherished as a small brand that locally manufactures small batches of rare hard German stoneware. This is what makes microbrands so attractive: you know that we will never flood the market with our products because we simply don’t have the capacity. We‘re not solely driven by sales numbers and economical issues but mainly driven by our heartfelt love for the supreme quality of our wares - a love we want to share.
Knowing and supporting a microbrand means the consumer mainstream will never know us but you have become part of a community that shares the same values regarding design and quality. Sip your Espresso out of a hartmud once and you will never again want to use anything else for your caffeine ritual.
We are grateful to have a solid, growing yet small fan base, because this means we can really interact with our community. We‘re grateful for all the passionate feedback from you and the pictures we receive from the cups that were all manufactured with our bare hands, had their baptism of fire in volcanic heat and found a home with baristas and craft coffee lovers worldwide.