The hartmud philosophy of slow made high-end

A key factor in the allure of our handmade stoneware is the uniqueness present in each piece; the variations in the product are representative of the multifaceted work process: shaping the clay, tranquil air drying, stamping our logo, first firing at 900 degrees Celsius, hand glazing and second firing at 1250 degrees Celsius. Consequently our wares differ not only from piece to piece but also from batch to batch.

Although modern mass production is able to replicate the outer appearance of our handmade wares as you might have seen in some cheap decorative interior tableware brands, the subtle makers marks on the clay body, the random glaze edge and distinctive uniqueness stems exclusively from the hartmud hand manufacturing.

We dare say this kind of slow and work intensive production might be the main difference between a cheap fashion and a signature classic, as can be witnessed in many other products like for example selvedge denim, mechanical watches, racing bikes or lounge chairs.

As you might rightly assume slow and work intensive hand manufacturing and double firing isn’t cheap, but a true enthusiast of the matter knows what he pays for, and by now even the ignorant crowd acknowledges that fast fashion and cheap mass production is neither satisfying the heart lastingly nor environmentally sustainable. In the end the price only reflects the time and care which goes into the creation and the resultant durability.

It’s our old adage of „own less more precious things“ - and our stoneware really embodies this philosophy.