It's the imperfections that create beauty

There is no worse than the suggestion of perfection. Absurdly omnipresent in our times, as if us humans were any perfect. We’re not, neither in being parents nor lovers, neither in so called business nor selflessness. 

We should drop our sense of being entitled to perfection. Nature left alone is perfect. When the human mind kicks in, better repent instead of fantasizing about your grandness. 

We’re craftsmen, and the craft of shaping matter underlines our human nature of imperfection. Isn’t it that the little flaws and irregularities are the mark of the true maker. Give him 3 million years of training to shape a species, and it is still beautifully flawed. Hence, claiming flawlessness as a human being is just a blasphemous act. 

With complete disregard for mass-production we have chosen to build handcrafted unique and highest quality tableware that bear the signature of the maker through their distinguishing irregularities. 

So while you can expect superior handling through the raw unglazed bottom surface and high thermic abilities through our high temperature stoneware firing, you accept the uniqueness of our ware. 

This means every item may have some aesthetic flaws, and when buying our products you happily accept the occasional wrinkles in the clay body, the randomly applied glaze edge or uneven glaze coating, the occasional marks from our hands or instruments, the minimal deviations in the shapes of our design language, and that the raw unglazed bottom may scratch highly polished surfaces such as stainless steel. 

Hartmud is clone free, and the imperfections make up the character of our vessels. Cherish them for what they are.