Introducing the Hartmud Tank Latte

Think Tank Latte - or why we have a crush for heavy things. 

Our tagline says rare hard German stoneware and in pure contrast to everything filigrane @hartmudstudio opted to go heavy duty for the craft coffee league. 

Already known for our sturdy cups our new Tank latte are true to their name and definitely on the heavy side. Weighing 380 grams they are hard as a rock, and like a heavy silk kimono, dockworker boots and a solid divers watch will put some beautiful weight on your body these cups clearly border on the archaic. 

And that is just us, going to the core of the hartmud work standard. 

Tank Latte specs: 380 grams // 270ml volume // 8,5cm high // 9cm diameter 

We think there’s already enough cheap lightweight synthetics out there, so we designed our Tank Latte to be reliable heavy duty instruments for the craft coffee league.
And that is exactly why our kind is so in love with the heavy things in life: their rugged specs cut the edge from a design perspective, endure the roughest handling and stolidly perform every day.

Think Tank Latte and dare to go heavy on coffee.