Hartmud work standard

As a guarantee for our work standard and quality we make the oath…

1. To force the truth out of the clay mud with our bare hands. With complete disregard for mass-production we have chosen to build handcrafted unique and highest quality tableware that bear the signature of the maker through their distinguishing irregularities.

2. To fire our ceramics to last for 4000 years. Each piece is created in a slow and intensive hand made process that produces the highest quality of ceramic ware, finished with stoneware glaze and fired at least at 1,200°C (2,192°F) – transforming clay into vitrified stoneware – a material we call „fossil of beauty“ because of its longevity and robustness. In fact archeological findings reveal stoneware items that date from 2,500 B.C.

3. To regard form and function as one. We are dedicated to what design philosophers call „free and open form“ – best represented in the bowl, the most ancient, natural and iconic dish of mankind. It reminds us of two hands formed together to scoop water – an act our species performed in a life saving daily routine for millions of years. From these water scooping hands the potters invented the bowl as perfect symbol of the adage „form and function are one“.

4. To re-invent the culinary spaces. We aim at enriching and refining our daily experience of eating and drinking and making it sacred again: we create the tableware for a generation that regards food and drink as a heartfelt passion and who feels an uncompromising commitment to quality and environmental sustainability.

5. To use only natural materials. Put very simple: for our ceramic tableware we use only earth (best fat clay from Germany’s Westerwald region), heat (efficient techniques from sustainable energy sources) and natural stoneware glazes (silica for vitrification and various metal oxides)