Evolution of the hartmud Cappu

As true craftsmen the shape of our handmade vessels evolves over time.

The design of our most renowned iconic cappuccino cup is tightly connected to the craft coffee roasters we collaborate with since the inception of our studio in late 2016.

In fact we were at the very forefront of invention for the cappuccino cup without handle that is made of the most robust stoneware clay and comes only half glazed.

When most other coffee shops and roasters were still using the more or less traditional ACME et al. porcelain cups, our partner of the first hour, the Frankfurt roastery Hoppenworth & Ploch approved our daring design and gave us the initial platform to start the craft coffee cup revolution with hartmud in 2017.


/Spring 2017 - hartmud goes avantgarde with the Tulip Cappu/

The result was a vessel we labeled Tulip cappu for its distinct shape, and while many many other ceramic studios and more and more big tableware brands jumped on the train of our design, our signature edged bottom is still unique and the still growing hartmud community testifies that the original exudes a special charm that no copy will ever match.
Or as one of our clients put it: „your vessel is unique insofar as even after many years of use one gets not saturated by the looks, the feel and the taste of it“ - w
e humbly assume this is the difference between a fashion and a classic.
In 2023 we started to relaunch the hartmud Tulip exclusively abaas Secret Lots in our online shop. 

Tulip specs: volume: 190ml / height: 6cm / diameter: 9cm / weight 280gr



/Summer 2019 - hartmud goes heavy duty with the Sturdy Cappu/

It was for the Nürnberg craft coffee giant Rösttrommel that we went a step further and invented the Sturdy series for our cappuccino and latte cups, in order to match their demand for coffee ware that is even more robust and heavy and suits their gastronomic demand for heavy duty ceramics. And while our Tulips had a more generous volume of nearly 200ml the Rösttrommel approach was more hardcore specialty: more Espresso less Milk, hence we designed the Sturdy Cappu with 165ml to match full flavor and latte art.  You will find our Sturdy Cappu in our shop as part of the hartmud Heritage collection

Sturdy specs: volume: 165ml / height: 6cm / diameter: 9cm / weight: 310gr



/Summer 2021 - hartmud welcomes the Lotus Cappu/

Evolution often means to go in cycles or two steps forward, one step backwards, so when we designed the third generation of our Cappuccino cup we wanted to bring back the ethereal grace of the Tulip yet keep the proverbial robustness of our Sturdy cappu. The result was born in 2021 as the Lotus: a stolidly solid yet beautifully harmonious Cappu.

Lotus190 specs: volume: 190ml / height: 6cm / diameter: 9cm / weight 280gr


Initially available as Lotus190 with 6.3oz or 190ml volume for Flat White perfection, we designed the smaller Lotus150 with 5.3oz or 150ml for the Cologne boutique coffee roaster Holm in Summer 2022 in order to celebrate the nascent come back in speciality of the traditional and simple cappuccino with 1 espresso shot and her latte art.

Lotus150 specs: volume: 150ml / height: 5cm / diameter: 8cm / weight 196gr

Read more on the Lotus150 here.



Evolution is an ongoing process and we are enjoying our craft path thoroughly and with utmost care for the needs of baristas and coffee enthusiasts worldwide, and while we still produce our Tulips and Sturdys for our seasoned b2b partners and in limited editions for our long time collectors, the focus in our online shop is clearly on the contemporary Lotus.