Honey, I shrunk the Lotus

In a world that screams "bigger is better" shrinking your signature product might at first seem counterintuitive, but good functional design must evolve over time, thus it makes sense to stir up things and create controversy.

When hartmud Studio went live in 2017 it was for the complete overhaul of the traditional porcelain coffee cup by designing the hartmud stoneware icon that would become synonymous with specialty and be copied by small pottery studios and tableware giants alike.

The evolution of that cup is still in the making and writing and it is in 2022 that we shrunk the size of our most prominent icon by 40ml to build the Lotus150.

While the older Lotus190 series was lauded be the progressive Flat White crowd for its generous size to hold two espresso shots + enough space for lavish latte art, our Lotus150 with its 150ml or 5.3oz is the logical next step that embraces the nascent come back in specialty of the traditional cappuccino with 1 shot and enough but not too much latte. True the space for lavish latte art is reduced but the real pros are in the details, and like in haute horlogerie true perfection is built in small cases.

Of course opulent Lotus190 will live on and her little brother Lotus150 might just hold the place of a "nerdy tool watch for speleologists", but when you humbly try to spearhead craft coffee stoneware evolution you will always opt for technical refinement over mere instagrammability.