>> Due to the COVID pandemic we do not offer any classes at the moment. Please contact us to get updates via email <<

Valuing transparency in our work processes and letting you participate in the magic of clay works, Hartmud established an open studio approach by offering a broad variety of workshops ranging from traditional pottery classes at the wheel, to playful clay shape classes, to design focused manufacturing sessions.

Our workshop offerings are threefold:

  1. On-demand classes “Feel the Wheel” and “Learn the Wheel” where you book your individual session(s) on the dates that suit you.
  2. Made to measure group experiences on (and beyond) the potter’s wheel: a workshop tailored to your needs, perfect for team building or celebrative events.
  3. Specials like “Design your Dishes” or “Play with Clay” that we offer on a regular basis on set dates for a limited number of participants.

If you’re interested in Hartmud workshops simply contact us to receive the current offerings, or register your email address to receive news on our specials and the upcoming dates.