Cocoon Flower Vase
Cocoon Flower Vase

Cocoon Flower Vase

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Since 2018 the Cocoon shaped flower vase is a true Hartmud signature, first used on the tables of the Michelin Star Restaurant Seven Swans. 

Please be aware that while all our vases come unglazed and natural, the high temperature firing turns them into genuine stoneware, thus becoming fossils of beauty that will never leak.


one robust stoneware flower vase
every single item is unique and has its own signature marks

H: 14,5cm D: 9cm

vitrified stoneware ceramics, food safe, dishwasher safe, ovenproof, and 100% lead free 

handmade on the potter‘s wheel 
fired above 1,200°C for Maximums robustness and longevity 

earth, glazes, fire