Our story

Merging natural beauty and maverick handicraft, ethereal intuition and fiery drive, Hartmud studio was founded in 2016 by Isabella Zeiß and Jerome Alsoufi.

In 2020 Hartmud has become a veritable art collective, gathering potters, designers and artists alike who share the founders passion for timeless aesthetics, distinctive quality and the complete overhaul of the tableware spaces in Germany and abroad.

That said, at the core of it all being craftsmen means everything to us.

Part of a generation that was raised in the myth that academic work is more valuable than craft we had to undergo a deep transformation of believes in order to find our calling. We swapped the clean office work spaces for the raw and muddy clay matter. It’s the volcanic heat in the kiln hardening our works, not an algorithm smoothing out our lives. Relentless hours on the potter’s wheel and sore hands taught us humbleness; and the smell of moist clay is our reward of being independent.

We are potters and grateful for being part of a professional lineage that is thirteen-thousand-years old.