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Hartmud work standard

With complete disregard for mass-production we have chosen to build handcrafted unique and highest quality tableware that bear the signature of the maker through their distinguishing irregularities.

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Why hartmud becomes more expensive over time

At Hartmud studio we discuss a lot about sacred consumerism and conscious spending as we are part of a generation that values the sustainability of life styles above all else and is aware of the damage that global capitalism inflicts on our planet and indigenous cultures. It is a fact that the world doesn’t need more consumer goods, everything’s here. What we truly need most of us have and the rest amounts to needs that could be described as linked to matters of personality and status. And yes, we are part of that system, we cherish high quality goods and we know the value of good design, after all we are manufacturing professional consumer staples that are here to stay. But...

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What it means to be a microbrand

Knowing and supporting a microbrand means the consumer mainstream will never know us but you have become part of a community that shares the same values regarding design and quality. Sip your Espresso out of a hartmud once and you will never again want to use anything else for your caffeine ritual.

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