Why hartmud becomes more expensive over time

At Hartmud studio we discuss a lot about sacred consumerism and conscious spending as we are part of a generation that values the sustainability of life styles above all else and is aware of the damage that global capitalism inflicts on our planet and indigenous cultures. It is a fact that the world doesn’t need more consumer goods, everything’s here. What we truly need most of us have and the rest amounts to needs that could be described as linked to matters of personality and status. And yes, we are part of that system, we cherish high quality goods and we know the value of good design, after all we are manufacturing professional consumer staples that are here to stay. But our mission is not to sell more and more cups and bowls to everyone out there and flood the market with ceramic gimmicks and tableware nonsense.
No, we chose to build a niche brand for highly specialised culinary artefacts that nurture and enliven the soul while performing its high quality service of robustness and functionality. Tested for years and used daily in-house by the craft coffee league and in high gastronomy we can guarantee the superiority of our small yet stable collection, be it for professional or leisurely purposes.
We will always continue to augment our prices a tad to stay exclusive and signal to our community that they will enjoy lasting value with their collectibles and will appreciate the privilege of owning and using our wares. That’s why Hartmud becomes more expensive and not cheaper over time.