The relativity theory of high end

Recently a friend made the statement that our stoneware coffee equipment is quite expensive. Five minutes into the conversation he told us that as a cycling enthusiast he owned four racing bikes and his most precious cost him four thousand euros. I then explained to him that when you are an avid espresso enthusiast you might end up owning a machine that costs you four thousand euros, and in that case one of our super rare and high performance Lotus or Tanks might just be the perfect fit for that machine, like a high end tool that a cyclist might want to use for his bike. I happen to know people who celebrate a major life event like child birth with the purchase of a mechanical watch that costs that much. Hence what is expensive is really oh so relative when you have the chance to live in the first world with her first world problems… of finding the right racing bike for your cycling rhythm or sourcing that perfect cappuccino cup for your beloved marzocco.
Let us be grateful for that marvellous karma that catapulted us into this life, and let us be conscious that it will and must all vanish one day. We cannot take our love for coffee or racing or timepieces with us into the grave, only share it and pass it on. So let us enjoy the love here and now and share our passions freely with our taste conscious friends and fellow enthusiasts.