The Hartmud coffee ware product primer

Lotus190, Lotus150, Fae and Tank? Classics versus super rares, what is it all about? Here’s our short Hartmud coffee ware product guide.


LOTUS Cappu - the hartmud signature for hardcore baristas

The lotus line brings you a stolidly solid yet beautifully harmonious Cappu. It comes as Lotus190 with 6.3oz or 190ml volume for Flat White, and from Autumn 2022 also as Lotus150 with 5.3oz for Cappuccino.

Lotus was specially developed for latte art, but serves perfectly for your Doppio or Americano.

TANK Latte - the heavy duty instrument for the craft coffee league

Specially designed for Café latte and Filter coffee our Tank line is true to its name and definitely on the heavy side. Weighing 380 grams our Tank Latte are hard as a rock, and like a heavy silk kimono, dockworker boots and a rugged divers watch will put some beautiful weight on your body these cups clearly border on the archaic. 

FAE - the bullseye for your Espresso shot

With her petite specs of 80ml and 130grams our Fae comes in ultra light fashion, and with her name giving tiny proportions she completes the hartmud craft coffee repertoire for espresso ravers.

The design of this aethereal espresso cup is a minimalist reduction that goes to the core of the art: the shot. single shot, split shot, it’s a hit.

SAUCER - Flying or not, they make hartmud a serving experience

Craft Saucers are the add-on for your color glazed Lotus, Tank or Fae. They are raw, unglazed and come with basalt spots. 

Silk Saucers are the add-on for your Silk and Zen Lotus, Tank or Fae. They are neat and clean, unglazed and come without basalt spots. 


While we currently offer 3+1 shapes for our coffee ware our glaze spectrum has two dimensions, each with two sub domains.

One dimension is SILK & ZEN who are both entirely glazed and made of clean stoneware clay.

SILK - Dead minimalist. Naked as you. Pure aesthetics. A signature hartmud. But no colours. No contrasts. Allure of meditative stillness. Neat and clean like the taste of single origin. Smooth as silk this stoneware range is entirely glazed and the underlying clay structure reminds of silk layers that gently embrace your coffee treasures. 

ZEN is entirely glazed and its translucent silk like touch will put you in a state of bliss, while the total random patterns of dark shades make no two of them equal. Meditate. Meditate. And let strong coffee clear your mind. 


The other dimension is our CRAFT RANGE which uses a rough stoneware clay that is sprinkled with basalt grains, a residue of volcanic lava and an homage to the volcanic heat we fire our wares in. 

Our CRAFT ware is glazed halfway only for a full body of stoneware feel. The hartmud connoisseur appreciates the archaic tactile experience that makes our wares so original and unique, but the more sensitive folks will prefer SILK for the raw unglazed CRAFT may scratch highly polished surfaces such as stainless steel or lacquer. 

CRAFT comes in 4 CLASSIC glazes, namely POLAR, DARKSEA, SUN and OCEAN, that you will find in every monthly batch. 

Then we have our SUPER RARES: glazes like SHADOW or SHOJI with bizarre haptics or craquelee patterns, or PEACHES, PINK, TUDOR, BLUEBERRY and MINT, each one so special or complex that they rotate in appearance and we will offer each one only once or twice a year.

Also sometimes they vanish and don’t reappear. That’s why we call’em super rare, and while all of our stoneware is highly collectible, the super rares are even more so.