Om Mani Padme Hum

Hi, I am Jérôme, co-founder of hartmud studio, and this is part of my story.
Life is a play, and when the curtain opens you don’t know whether your life will be a comedy or a tragedy, or most boringly a sitcom, but sooner or later you learn to accept that the curtain will close one day, and sometimes you are lucky and able to learn that ultimately it is the amount of love you shared and the people you inspired that will be your one true heritage.
I am past 40 now and having played a lot of roles in that incarnation already, I must confess that the most powerful transformative energies for me are fatherhood, yoga and craftsmanship.
I might have another few good years, I will certainly play some new roles that will again surprise and challenge me, and I do have a lot of fun navigating our small manufacturing business, but ultimately the curtain will close. Maybe all that will remain of Jérôme are some mixed memories from friends and family, and those few thousands handmade stoneware cups that bear my signature. Good. Content. Grateful.
The universe is looking at itself in a myriad of shapes, and I have no particular advice, neither for my kids nor for the crowd, as each play has its own particular glow. All I can say is: praise to the jewel in the lotus, om mani padme hum