Meet me at the Hilton

Meet me at the Hilton. Over the last 4 years hartmud studio has become a pillar of ceramic tableware in the Frankfurt gastronomic jungle. Moreover the reputation for our ultra hard, consistent quality cups for specialty coffee has put our wares in roasteries and coffee shops throughout Germany. But we’re still a niche brand, known only to the true connoisseurs and hard core baristas. We don’t expect to have our cups on display at every coffee corner of the town. The selected few suffice, thank you. All that in mind, you still get the feeling of being truly blessed when what you love and do creates a resonance of pure elegance. This was the case when Marc of the Hilton Frankfurt asked us to to equip his Hudson Yards Bar with a collection of hartmud signature stoneware cups for that front facing custom coloured Rancilio Barista Machine. 

The Hilton lobby is a monument of architecture with its 50m high atrium, and the central Bar and Dining space are perfectly suited for the leisurely traveler, the after business hang out or the family outing. 

With its natural leathers, elegant veneers, Verde Alpi Marble, and abundant brass the Hudson Yards speaks the language of a grand era of Hotellerie, an era that may be about to resurface in times where space is key to realize gastronomic concepts. Regardless whether you’re a Frankfurt local or belong to the international set, you definitely should go to have an authentic New York style breakfast accompanied by a professional flat white, naturally served in a hartmud. Thank you Marc for your trust, the studio feels honored to rock the Hilton coffee culture with our Darksea sturdy Cappu collection.