Hartmud soul mates: meet William from Copenhagen

The soul of hartmud are our clients and collectors. It is them who make our products sacred tools for specialty coffee. Without the love and daily use of our wares by the hartmud clique in Germany or Qatar, New York City or Copenhagen our stoneware would just be dead things.  It is you who pour life into our vessels. 

And it is time we present some of our soul mates here, people who love coffee, people who strive and enjoy, people with a need for high performance equipment and taste for perfection when it comes to the art of coffee. 

Over the coming weeks we will be publishing the stories of the people who are the soul of hartmud. 

Today we start the soul mate series with William, a 22 year old runner from Copenhagen Denmark who just pulled the plug from Copenhagen Business School and started as cafe manager at @pasnormalstudios new flagship store in Nordhavn, Copenhagen. 

Always been fascinated by handcrafted things and those brands that dedicate their life and passion to different niche areas, William got to know Hartmud when his passion for coffee started growing, and he was quick to escalate his collection of cups for his beloved espresso machine. 

Speaking about passions besides coffee very simply put William runs. And he runs every day. When being active in your everyday life is crucial for you, running is a natural thing. Running only a few days a week first, it has now become a part of his daily routine. 

For William running is the perfect combination of being social, connecting with nature, and improving his mood and health which makes running very special to him.

The most precious coffee moment for William is his coffee right after a run – especially a morning run. „It tastes so good when it’s the first thing you are tasting and after a run, it’s like your tastebuds are different.“ 

Speaking of his cup collection his go-to cup is the hartmud Lotus. A great combination of espresso and milk and a lot of space to practice latte art skills, makes the Lotus cup a great match.

Williams philosophy is to „go with your inner flow“. 

When you try to find happiness in life, just going with the apparent flow and do as everybody does is typically a strategy that makes sense at first and most people accept it as normal. At one point William started to realize that going with the general flow can be the wrong thing if it doesn’t make you feel right, so instead of looking right and left he started to look within to find his path. 

„Always listen to your body and do what feels right; and remember it is okay to lean back and relax.“