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Spearheading craft coffee stoneware since 2017

Craft coffee is a relatively young phenomena with just over 10 years of visibility but gained massive momentum in the last 2 years, spreading from third wave focused metropolitan coffee shops to the rocking and rolling home barista scene which really grew viral through the lockdowns.   And while the coffee shops of the first hour wouldn’t know better than using the Italy inspired ACME et al. industrial porcelain, the home barista crowd were quick to resort to artisanal stoneware for celebrating their craft. .  While we would never claim to be the very first and only inventors of craft coffee stoneware, Hartmud studio was certainly spearheading the trend starting its mission in early 2017 and ever since manufacturing brand...

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The hartmud Heritage collection

The hartmud Heritage collection features small batches of seasonal editions from our work history. The heritage micro lots originate mostly from our historic sturdy line of Cappu and Latte cups that bear witness to the very invention of craft coffee stoneware in our studio in 2017.

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