About the makers

Both born in the documenta city of Kassel/Germany, both born on December 15, Isa and Jérôme are on an art mission to develop and nurture common ground. Despite growing up in a world that worships reductionism as the final truth, they feel what romantic poet Novalis called “everything is a fairytale”. In 2016 they gave birth to Hartmud Studio as an embodiment of life as art, and like so many good things it all started in the kitchen – above the roofs of Frankfurt/Germany, where the art collective is based for the time being.

Merging natural beauty and maverick handicraft, ethereal intuition and fiery drive, the artists draw their energy from studies and work in interior design, relentless hours on the potters wheel and starlit nights of entropic experiments in glazing, spiced up with the vital passion for culinary and lucullan adventurism and rounded down with yogic contemplation of suchness in the here and now.

Isa and Jérôme love to learn about the myriad of human inspirations – so happily contact them and share your personal story of art and craft.